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#GampingChallenge by Osprey

children setting up a tent in the garden

Osprey have set up the #GampingChallenge (Garden/Living Room Challenge). The best garden camp / indoor den will win a hiking pack bundle for the entire family.

Staying at home doesn’t have to be without adventure!

Osprey is challenging you to join the #GampingChallenge by sharing your creative and fun camping set up in your garden or living room!

Share your garden camp or indoor den using #GampingChallenge and follow @ospreyeurope to enter the competition on Facebook or Instagram. The best garden camp and best indoor den wins an Osprey hiking kit bundle for the whole family, ready for future adventures!

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Walking La Gomera, the Sacred Mountain

Above the clouds on la Gomera Island

On La Gomera, a small island that’s part of Spain’s Canaries, you’ll find yourself in a hiker’s paradise with stuning scenery.

Call me a romantic, but I adore woodland and forest rambles above all other landscapes in which to roam. I think this is due to the fairy tale scenery that invokes my imagination and fills my senses with joy.

Whilst in La Gomera in July 2019 which is a well-known hiking Mecca, my partner Andy of Tenerife Guided Walks took me for a beautiful walk in el Parque Nacional de Garajonay. Continue reading

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The 4 Most Scenic Walking Holiday Routes of All Time

man looking out over mountains in early morning light

If you want to see some of the world and keep fit at the same time, here are our top four most scenic destinations for an unforgettable walking holiday.

Walking holidays have been growing in popularity over the past few years, especially with millennials. Where once the majority of young adults wanted to spend their time sunbathing during the day and hitting the clubs at night, they now want to really explore and immerse themselves in other countries and their cultures and keep fit and healthy while abroad.

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A xalar! walking, wine, art (and fun!) in Catalonia, Spain

The village of Barbera de la Conca in Spain seen from a distance

You won’t easily find Barberà de la Conca (locally called Barberà) — it’s so small it doesn’t even feature on signposts — until you’re practically there.

The name aXalar, pronounced asha-LA [/əʃə’ɬa/:] or acha-LA [/ətʃə’ɬa/:], is inspired by the Catalan verb xalar, which means double the fun: doing an activity you already enjoy, but with an added dose of fun on top!

It mattered to us to use a Catalan name: we want our business to be an organic part of the community where we live. It also mattered to us to promise fun: life’s too short! Continue reading

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Discover England’s beautiful South West with Bath and West Walks

A group of walkers hiking over a grass path on a ridge with cows on the side

England’s SouthWest has so much to offer the walker with its contrasting scenery. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the beautiful countryside and the fascinating heritage.

In this article we talk with Graham & Sue Robinson from Bath & West Country Walks. Graham and Sue have lived in beautiful Somerset (England) all their lives and know it like the back of their hands. They’ve been operating walking tours there for 20 years now and will organise your holiday to meet your needs… Continue reading

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Le Pays de Gâtine: a hidden gem in idyllic French Countryside

One of the paths leading away from le Moulin du Chemin, photographed on a glorious spring morning

Hundreds of miles of appealing paths, tracks and lanes meander through gentle rolling countryside in South-West France

Le Pays de Gâtine has hundreds of miles of appealing paths, tracks and lanes meandering through gentle rolling countryside – it is a veritable paradise for walkers and hikers. Not many people know about le Pays de Gâtine (except the folk who live there) so here is an introduction– especially for walkers and hikers…. Continue reading

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Walking along Cornwall’s Magical Coastline

Part of the coastline in Cornwall

Cornwall has some of the most dramatic landscapes and scenery imaginable anywhere on Earth. Everyone agrees that it’s magical here.

Cornwall; that little peninsular at the bottom left toe of England! Explore the finest coastline in the world on foot with Martin Hunt and Adventureline.

Cornwall has some of the most dramatic landscapes and scenery imaginable anywhere on Earth. If you decide to go walking here, we promise that you’ll share our enthusiasm by the end of your holiday and you will find that Adventureline’s unique technique connects you intimately and spiritually with the landscape, its wildlife, people, heritage and history… Continue reading

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Walking holidays to be enjoyed not endured

Group of walkers at the Menorca coast, following a track past an empty beach

Join John and Carolyn on a journey on the beautiful island of Menorca, and find out how they started their walking holiday business from nothing and developed it over the past 15 years

How do you start a successful walking holiday company when you’ve never been on an organised walk or even been a member of a walking club? The answer? Well you approach the project with no preconceptions and with everything on the table.

I’m John Devine of Balearic Outdoor Holidays and 16 years ago, along with my wife Carolyn and kids, I left The UK to come and live on the beautiful and unspoiled Balearic Island of Menorca. I wish that I could say that we came here with a view to launching a walking holiday company, but we didn’t… Continue reading

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Springtime in Arcadia

wildflowers growing jubilantly

Springtime in Arcadia is a spectacular celebration of all that nature has to offer in this beautiful part of Greece

Arcadia is my home and also the vision of a pastoral paradise if you look in your dictionary. In a world full of uncertainties it is wonderful to be able to tell you that Arcadia is just that, always was and still is.

Once springtime arrives here, March to June, we have the most wonderful experience of walking the old ways that are clothed in the biggest range of wild flowers you will ever have seen. The variety and colour is unimaginable and our walkers always say our photos do not do the experience justice. Continue reading

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Walking in Umbria, a unique experience

A field of red poppies in front of an undulating landscape in Umbria

A typical landscape in Italy’s Umbria – rolling hills and wide views… perfect for walking and hiking.

People call Umbria the green heart of Italy. And I first fell in love with the beauty of this small region in the early nineties.

Then, in the year 2000, I decided to start a small business focusing on walking & cycling tours, the best way to discover the beauties of Umbria. 18 years later, it is still this passion and love for Umbria with its spectacular landscape, kind people, delicious food & excellent wines that inspire us as a small company. Continue reading

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