Lightweight, handmade bags for walking and hiking


These curved bags are handmade in Bristol. They look great and would be a wonderful way of carrying some items when you’re going on a walk.

Kervy bags are proving extremely popular with walkers seeking an alternative to backpacks. Special ergonomic lines mean Kervy bags work in harmony with your body and clothing all year round, with the innovative ellipse commanding attention in urban and rural environments.

They are extremely comfortable when worn in different positions on your chest, back or side. Immediately accessible by simply pulling around your body, they offer ultimate security and peace of mind. These fashionable crossbody bags are also perfect for cycling as they stay on your back!

Handmade in Bristol

I came across these bags through this tweet and had an email conversation with their maker: Martyn Whitelock.

Martyn says that each bag is carefully handcrafted to perfection using templates to ensure the correct replication of the special curves. Made in England, with durability and sustainability in mind, they are establishing a reputation for quality craftmanship. The current collection offers three natural colours that look great in different environments and there are plans for different fabrics in the future.

If you want a really special bag you can order your own personal commission, including 1000D Cordura which offers ultimate durability and wet weather protection.

Have a look at for more info.

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