Walking (or running?) in the rain – a video answer!

Drawing of stick-men walking and running in the rain

Forgot your umbrella and want to stay dry in the rain… Is it better to walk or to run?

You are out and about in the countryside, enjoying a great walk with some good friends. But nobody checked the weather forecast, and surely those great big grey clouds that are developing are moving away from you, not towards you?!

What keeps you drier?

On this particular day a few of you didn’t bring wet weather gear and Murphy’s law dictates that it will then of course rain big time today. It’s still a few miles to the nearest pub, what should you do, walk or run? Finally an answer to this burning question; watch this video by Minutephysics.

(PS: sorry about the ad in the video, it’s inserted by Youtube not us)…

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Anja loves walking and spending time in nature. Especially in beautiful landscapes where she can also discover lots of wildlife along the paths.
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