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A caring attitude to the environment comes natural to most walkers, and so we’re taking steps in going greener: our website is now powered by wind-energy.

We all love walking for the health benefits it brings, but a walk just wouldn’t be the same if it would not be in the beautiful and green outdoors.

Views of beautiful landscapes, the opportunity to see wildlife and to breathe fresh air are what make walking and hiking such a refreshing activity for both body and mind. A caring attitude to the environment comes natural to most walkers, and also the WalkingHolidayInfo website is taking steps to reduce its impact.

We’re now hosted green

We were quite shocked to learn that the website hosting industry has been predicted to be more polluting in 2020 than the airline industry. Through its huge power consumption, the website hosting is a significant contributor to the emission of green house gases, and many hosting companies use inefficient server equipment that uses far more electricity than needed.

However, there are also green hosting companies that try to reduce their power consumption wherever they can, for example through using energy efficient servers, and using natural cooling systems instead of just relying on electricity-powered fan systems. The remaining energy needs of the business are sourced from renewable sources; water, solar or wind energy.

We have moved the WalkingHolidayInfo website to a green hosting company, which means it is now powered by wind energy. It’s a small step, but if more and more businesses choose to host their website hosting, this will make a huge difference.

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