Discover the warm and authentic side of the Algarve

The Guadiana River flowing through a lush green landscape

At the Guadiana River in the Portugese Eastern Algarve you can walk in beautiful wild landscapes

When people think of the Algarve they generally think of the western side, where most of the large resorts, busy towns and hotel chains are situated.

But it’s the eastern side beyond Tavira that is truly natural and authentic. Here, the old Portuguese way of life is still preserved, and visitors to the area love to slow down and enjoy life as the friendly locals do!

Two images - one of walkers going past a river; and the other of people overlooking a large lake surrounded by wild nature

Walkers, runners and cyclists have been flocking to the area in recent years and it’s no wonder why. Because the Eastern Algarve has one of the best climates and warmest beaches in Portugal, and over 300 days of sunshine a year.

The mild and sunny temperatures, gentle breezes and very little rain make it ideal for autumn, winter and spring walking. It’s no wonder that the top golfers fill the courses year-round!

Walking through unique landscapes

Walking in the Eastern Algarve, there are three types of landscapes that you can enjoy. The first is the wild and natural Guadiana river valley on the frontier with Spain. It has lush vegetation and a great variety of bird life. The walking trails here follow the river through the fields in the nature reserve, full of birds and flowers.

people swimming in a lake with a golden sandy beach

Water plays an important role in the Eastern Algarve. This is Pego Fundo in Alcoutim.

The second type of landscape is the hills of the Barrocal, full of forests and fruit groves that nature lovers greatly enjoy. The beautiful lake district trails with its impressive bodies of water are also located here.

And then there is the warm Eastern Algarve coast, full of sand dunes and pine forests. This is where you’d find beautiful beach trails, which are wonderful to walk over.

Walkers crossing a stream at a sandy beach

Aerial photo of Manta Rota Beach in the Algarve - golden sand with a deep blue sea

The beaches and beach trails in the Eastern Algarve offer wonderful walking almost year-round

Village life and old treasures

For the historians both the walks and the towns are a wealth of treasures. You can visit ancient castles and ruins built by Roman and Moorish invaders and admire the former headquarters of the Knights Templar.

Evening view over the village of Serpa in the Eastern Algarve

Villages in the Eastern Algarve have a wealth of treasures for those looking
(photo: Bunks [CC BY 3.0])

Old stone fort overlooking a small Portugese village

The villages retain their original charm as life has changed very little here. Traditionally, narrow village streets radiate downwards from the church and its bell tower, and the old houses are adorned with flower pots and shrubs. Here, the locals pull their chairs outside and socialize in the street. They tend to their small vegetable gardens and their small herds of goats and sheep.

Walkers hiking through a rural landscape with sheep in the background

Pair of walkers going towards a small village in the distance

A walking holiday in the beautiful Eastern Algarve

At Transguadiana, we want to give our guests a taste of everything about our region: some of the history, the stunning scenery, the amazing food and wine, and of course great walks. But also a chance to relax and enjoy this tranquil Portugese countryside and the lovely country hotels with gardens and swimming pools. We invite you to find out more about our Warm and Authentic Algarve holiday.

Group of walkers going around the edge of a lake


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Antonio is the tour-organiser of Transguadiana, a travel agency and tour operator of family origin that was created 31 years ago in the Baixo Guadiana region. Transguadiana is very connected to the communities where it operates. They promote the local development of communities through Responsible Tourism, to help solve the problems of desertification and unemployment in the region, and by preserving the traditions and culture, respecting the environment and promoting eco tourism that is sustainable. Transguadiana is aware of the changing needs of the tourist industry. They created an incoming department to develop active tours for slow tourism. There are now Walking and Cycling programmes for different routes and trails of the beautiful Guadiana region, with new and exciting experiences and sensations for their visitors and guests. They’d love to welcome you to their beautiful region!
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