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Rural landscape in Andalucia with mountains in the background.

Rural landscapes and wild scenic mountains: Andalucia is one of the most popular walking regions in Spain.

Andalucia is one of the most popular areas for walking in Spain. What is all the fuss about? Find out why this region of Spain attracts walkers like a magnet!

Where is Andalucia?

Andalucia, also spelled as Andalusia, is a region in the far south of Spain. The area borders on the Mediterranean and on Portugal in the West and covers almost 18 percent of the Spanish territory.

Andalucia is an autonomous community and officially recognised as a nationality of Spain. The capital is Sevilla (Seville). Other large cities are Malaga, Almeria and Cordova.

Map showing Andalucia in Spain

Andalucia Walking Holidays Overview

Walking in Almeria, Andalusia

  • GPS tracks available
  • One accommodation
  • Walking holiday with guided and self-guided options
Easy to moderate walking inland from Almeria
Beautiful Spanish landscape

Explore Almeria Province, full of varied landscapes, and soak up life in a traditional Andalucian mountain village, too, enjoying great food, meeting friendly local people and staying in a beautiful finca.

From £ 350.- / 8 days

Self Catering based on 2 persons sharing one bedroom apartment or cottage

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Explore Andalucia

  • One Accommodation icon
  • Self-guided walking holiday icon
Hill and mountain walking holiday in Southern Spain
Walking holiday in Andalucia in Spain

Walking holiday in Andalucia in Spain. Let Andalucia surprise you with its green hills, white villages, nature reserves, orchards and snowcapped mountain ranges. Walk over beautiful paths with spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea.

From £ 425.- / 8 days

Price per person based on 2 people sharing

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Walking Las Alpujarras & the Sierra Nevada

  • Multiple accommodations
  • Guided walking holiday
The most scenic trails of these popular walking areas
group of people on a walking holiday in the Sierra Nevada mountains

This walking holiday is especially for walkers who want to walk that little bit longer and also do some high level walks in the beautiful Alpujarras and Sierra Nevada mountains in Andalucia. See the legacy of the Moors in the architecture, the food and most of all the scenery.

From € 625.- / 8 days

Price per person based on 2 people sharing

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Walking in the Sierras de Almijara

  • winter or snowshoeing walking holiday
  • One Accommodation icon
  • Guided walking holiday icon
Guided walking holiday in mountainous Andalucia
Walker going towards group of Ibex

Walking in the Sierras de Almijara y de Tejeda, a mountain chain designated as a nature park in Andalucia, southern Spain. Unspoilt nature in an area with an ideal walking climate. Discover the area's best spots and most scenic and interesting routes.

From € 479.- / 8 days

Price per person - based on 2 sharing

Globe with magnifying glass Location Map with location of Sierras de Almijara in Southern Spain

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Discover Andalucia

  • One Accommodation icon
  • Guided walking holiday icon
Guided walking through beautiful Andalucia in Southern Spain
Group walking holiday in Spain

Walking in this beautiful part of Andalucia you'll find green hills, white villages, huge nature reserves, orchards of orange and olive trees and snowcapped mountain ranges with spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea.

From £ 645.- / 8 days

Price per person - shared accommodation

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Walking in Andalucia - mountains and hills

The many mountain ranges in Andalucia offer a lot to the avid walker. From relaxed walking through hills with olive groves along old mule tracks, to serious high level walking in alpine pastures or even snowy conditions around the highest peaks. The Sierra Nevada mountain range has the highest peaks of mainland Spain, with Mulhacèn in Sierra Nevada National Park being the highest at 3,478 metres.

Map of andalucia with mountain ranges.

Other popular areas for walking are the Alpujarras just to the south of the Sierra Nevada, and the Sierra de Aracena, Sierra Ronda, Sierra Cazorla, relatively unknown and very beautiful areas for off the beaten track walking and hiking.

Single pine-tree on a mountain slope.
Warm sunlight shining over mountain rocks. The peak of Mulhacen. Rural landscape in Aracena, Andalucia.

There are many protected areas and National and nature parks in Andalucia, and the many trails and routes here are ideal for a walking holiday, such as Sierra Nevada National Park. In the Sierra de Ronda region you will find the Sierra de las Nieves and Sierra Grazalema nature parks worthwhile walking territory. If you're into wildlife and birdwatching as well as walking, the Donana National Park (a wetland area) is a must-see.

Wetland area in Donana Nation Park in Andalucia.

Andalucia's varied landscapes and walking climates

Andalucia lies in southern Spain, with part of its coast along the Mediterranean, and part along the Atlantic Ocean. The area is so big and varied in terrain that it rivals some of Europe's smaller countries!

Although Andalucia's climate is generally hot and Mediterranean, there is quite some variation because of the many mountainous areas. Two different locations in the area hold the records for the wettest and driest area in Spain. The Tabernas Desert (Europe's only true desert) is the driest and the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park the wettest place in Spain.

Landscape in Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park.
View of the Tabernas Desert in winter. View from Mulhacen mountain. Panorama on the Alpujarras.

Spring and autumn are ideal times for walking in Andalucia. Summers are hot but even then there is pleasant cool walking available in the higher mountains, some of which stay covered in snow year-round. Even in winter most days offer blue skies and mild gorgeous weather, even though night-time temperatures might drop below zero.

Walkers on a mountain slope.

Almost the whole Andalucian coast is sandy beach, so a combination of invigorating walks and relaxing beach days is certainly possible here.

Andalucia's culture and cuisine

If you go walking in Andalucia, you'll find that Andalucia's culture has a lot to offer too. The area has always been important because of its strategic location around the Gibraltar strait, controlling access to the Mediterranean. Many different civilisations have had control of the area, and all have left their mark.

Among some of the most beautiful cities and towns are Granada, Seville (the capital of this autonomous region) and Ronda.

Wide view onto the inner city of Seville in Spain.
Castle built on a hilltop. Houses on a cliff in the city of Ronda. The Canyon El Tajo in Ronda.

Andalucia has been under Moorish rule for more than half a millennium, and this period has had a profound influence on Andalusian culture. Many of the customs and traditions can be traced back to this period. Famous are the Moorish castles and architecture, an famous example is the Alhambra in Granada.

Alhambra with the Sierra Nevada in the background.

Flamenco dancing also has its roots in Andalucia. The local cuisine is Mediterranean in character with delicious ingredients and products like olive oil (the area is a key producer of high quality olive oils), cured hams, wine, almonds and honey.

People looking out over countryside around the city of Ronda.
Sunset Sierra Nevada. landscape in Sierra de Grazalema. The side of Mulhacen in Andalucia.
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