Walking holidays in Norway

Welcome to our Norway page! Here you will find walking holidays to the most beautiful walking regions in Norway untouched by humans, such as the Fulufjellet National Park.

  • Pine forest with moss covering the ground
  • Fallen tree covered with moss
  • Beautiful lake with high mountains in the background
  • A green valley between high snow peaks
  • Beautiful peaks covered with snow
  • A walking path going through a green hill towards a mountain
  • Beautiful landscape with impressive gray sky covered with thin layer of white clouds
  • A small village on the shore of a fjord

Below you will find the individual holiday descriptions. The holidays are organised by independent small-scale companies, and run by people with a lot of local knowledge and enthusiasm for the region. They look forward to help organise your holiday in Norway.

Guided walking holidays in Norway

Walking wildlife safari in Fulufjellet NP

  • Dogs welcome
  • One accommodation
  • Guided walking holiday
In search for wildlife in the stunning national park
A moose in the Fulufjellet National Park

This walking holiday leads you through the magnificent Fulufjellet National Park, one of Europe's last wilderness areas with a large variety of wildlife. It is home to elk/moose, bears, wolves, lynx, wolverines and various bird and reptile species.

From £400-£620.-/ 7 days

Price per child/adult

Globe with magnifying glass Location Location walking wildlife safari in Fulufjellet National Park walking holiday

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Walking holidays in Norway

Norway is a country with a lot of spectacular scenery, from wild and untamed landscapes, to popular marked hiking trails and well known tourist attractions. The Norwegian mountains and popular areas are relatively free from big crowds and few roads cover this remote country, making it easy to access and enjoy everything that is there to see!

Hiker admiring a beautiful landscape of high mountains and a fjord at the bottom Moss in a Norwegian ancient forest Beautiful green forest ending in the shore of a fjord

Norway walking holidays with local businesses

We wish you a great time exploring Norway, and would love to hear about your experiences. Photos also welcome of course! Please contact us through [email protected].

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Map of Norway in Europe The Norwegian flag.


Capital: Oslo

Area: 148,718 sq. miles, almost two times the size of Great Britain

Population: 5.2 million

Currency: Norwegian krone (NOK) (£1 = +/- 11 NOK)

What is walking in Norway like?

Norway is still not as popular walking destination as it deserves to be! Its stunning beauty and variety of landscapes makes Norway European treasure. And its most scenic nature is definitely best enjoyed on foot!
The walking season in Norway is quite short - from June till September. The land can be remote and wild and the walks vary from easy to strenuous.

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