Walking holidays in Switzerland

Welcome to our Switzerland page, with walking holidays to Switzerland's most scenic and popular walking regions, all offered by small-scale independent businesses.

Switzerland boasts 208 mountains higher than 3,000 m with 24 of them over 4,000 meters high. The scenery is breathtaking. The highest mountain is Monte Rosa on the border with Italy.

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Self-guided walking holidays in Switzerland

Three country Tour of the Mont Blanc

  • Walking a trail
  • Multiple accommodations
  • Self-guided walking holiday
The iconic walking trail in the Mont Blanc Alps
Walking holiday in the Mont Blanc Alps

Walk in the Mont Blanc Alps in three countries; each with their own distinct character; the Italian slopes with their large rock faces, the Swiss slopes with their soft valleys and the French impressive glacial slopes.

From € 595.- / 8 days

Price per person based on 2 people sharing

Globe with magnifying glass Location Map Three country tour of the Mont Blanc

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Walking holidays France with guided and self-guided options

Haute Route Chamonix - Zermatt

  • GPS tracks available
  • Walking a trail
  • Multiple accommodations
  • Walking holiday with guided and self-guided options
Walking holiday from the Mont Blanc to the Matterhorn
Hikers walking by a mountain lake, snow peaks in the background

The Haute Route “high route” is a challenging but very beautiful hike in the Swiss and French Alps. You will climb several high mountain passes just below some stunning 4000 meter peaks. A diverse nature of glaciers, crystal clear mountain lakes, dark forests and beautiful alpine meadows is waiting for you!

From € 1390.- / 10 days

Price per person for guided option

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Walking in Switzerland

Switzerland is a relatively small country in Europe with many high mountains and lots of lakes. There are the Alps in the South of Switzerland, with many peaks over 4,000 metres high and glaciers in the valleys at higher altitudes. The lower Jura mountain range in the North of the country has lots of forest. In between is a central plateau with rolling hills, plains, and large lakes.

A walking track going over a green mountain ridge. High, snow capped mountains in the background. Pine trees growing along an alpine lake shore. Mist coming down from the mountains behind. The Swiss city of Lugano at the foot of a mountain seen from the shore of Lake Lugano.

Switzerland has a temperate climate, but there are large local differences depending on altitude. In the higher mountains conditions can be glacial, while they can be near Mediterranean in lower areas towards the South. Swiss Summers are generally warm with occasional rain while winters are cold and snowy.

For walkers, Switzerland is like paradise. With the variety of terrain and diversity of landscapes and climates, there is something for everyone here: mountains, waterfalls, lakes, forests, picturesque valleys and meadows.

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Map of Switzerland in Europe The Swiss flag.


Capital: Bern

Area: 15,940 sq. miles, roughly a fifth of the area of the UK

Population: 8 million

Currency: Swiss franc (£1 = +/- 1,5 Franc)

Walking in Switzerland

Most people know Switzerland from the Alps and its other high mountain ranges. But did you know that Switzerland has many different landscapes, including some beautiful lower countryside?

So whether you are looking for challenging mountain hikes or more gentle countryside walking, Switzerland certainly has something for you.

One of Europe's classic walking destinations, Switzerland has something for everyone.

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